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Make Sleep Part
of Your Story

Sleep solutions for babies and children from birth to age nine

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It Is So Hard To Function On Little To No Sleep!

You love your little one so much—but you’d also really love them to sleep. You’re tired. You can’t focus. You can’t think. You need your arms back. Your bed back. Your nights back.


I’ve been in the darkness of sleep deprivation and know how hard it is. And as a now-rested mom, I would LOVE to help you sleep again.


Hi! I’m Alyssa.
Mom, Wife & Sleep Consultant.

I’m so happy you have made your way over here! I have made it my mission to provide sleep education and to help you and your child sleep well—from birth to babyhood, to childhood, and for life.


No Matter How Your Sleep Story Starts, We Can Change The Ending!

Sleep consulting can help your family. Even if:


Short Naps

Your baby takes short naps and wants to be held ALL DAY LONG

mother and baby

Bed Sharing

Your toddler climbs into your bed and falls asleep instantly but won't sleep in their own bed! 

mother and child

Night Wakings

 Your having multiple night wakings, and you are so. dang. tired.

father and baby

Difficult Bedtimes

Bedtime has gone from bad to worse, and your current routine isn't working anymore


Bedtime Battles

Bedtime takes HOURS and you never get to talk to your partner

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Early Mornings

Your kids are up way earlier than you’d like, and you need coffee to get through the day

Image by Ocean Ng

Lack of Schedule

You try to stick to a schedule, but it never ends up working

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Night Feeds

You have been given the approval to wean your baby's night feeds, but your baby keeps waking up




Newborn Sleep Guide

Start your 4th trimester with the foundations of newborn sleep in my newborn sleep guide.


This guide has everything you need to know when it comes to helping your newborn form healthy sleep habits from the very beginning of their sleep story!


1:1 Sleep
Support Packages

Go from being exhausted, sleep-deprived parents to a rested and fully functional family!


Through 1:1 support, I’ll help you understand sleep and create your custom sleep plan. Then, walk alongside you as you implement it with daily check-ins.



The SlumberPod is a free-standing pod that fits directly over your child's playpen or toddler mattress.

The SlumberPod creates a dark environment for travelling, sharing a hotel room, or at home. Rent a pod for your next vacation or a trip to see your family!

Kinds Words From Past Clients 

"Within days we were on a full plan with Alyssa and I can't explain how easy she makes it. Sleep training has been a priceless asset to our family.


Since working with Alyssa, our son has been sleeping 11.5hrs a night, EVERY NIGHT and napping like a champ"

Family of 5 month old Casey

is your child getting the right amount of sleep?


Is your child getting the right amount of sleep?

Grab my FREE sleep needs chart so you can reference it at any age as your child grows and transitions to a new sleep schedule.

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